Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Second Quarter Update

It's time to evaluate my second quarter goals. Since I've been using Janine Adams' (Organize Your Family History) quarterly method now for two quarters, I'm amazed at what I've accomplished in my paternal grandfather's line. I decided this year I needed to reorganize and adapt my family history methods to "best practice" if I ever want to become a professional genealogist. Has Janine's method helped me? That's a resounding yes, though not to say that I haven't been distracted. I have spent a day here and there on another line. It's usually an email from a potential cousin that gets me running that rabbit trail. But for the most part, I've been able to stay disciplined and focused on my paternal line. So what have I accomplished this quarter?
  • All citations in my Pastoor line are complete and accurate, even if they aren't perfect. Every bit of data has a citation, including a media file and transcription;
  • Research plans have been created and brought up-to-date;
  • Research logs and correspondence logs have been updated or created as necessary;
  • Proof summaries have been written and saved;
  • Notes and supporting files have been moved or linked to OneNote;
  • Biography page has been created in OneNote to add stories as I go along;
  • Completed the Mastering Genealogical Proof study group.
Although I didn't further any research on this line, I'm more organized and prepared for targeted research. Productive quarter? You betcha.